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Anti-aging is about more than smile lines, wrinkles and balding. Fight aging from the inside out with Prototype Nutrition’s DHEA Spray. With a pronounced effect on the central nervous system, DHEA produces a direct effect on mood, cognition and memory processing. Since levels of this steroidal hormone decrease with age, supplementation is recommended for those ages 35 and over, or those experiencing age-related fatigue or decreased mental acuity. Supplementation of DHEA will increase these levels to those of your youth; restoring mental function, memory processing and elevating mood. Additionally, in topical spray form, absorption of DHEA is higher, and is stored subcutaneously, then released by the body slowly over time.

Suggested Use: Dosing for all PN sprays are designed to be 50 sprays per dose. There are 7.2 grams of actives in the sprays, thus you are looking at approximately 249 mgs of active per 50 sprays. You can apply all at once or split between two applications. We recommend applying directly after a shower when the pores are most receptive, however this is not necessary. Apply 50 sprays over your torso, quads, inner bicep and the tops of hands and feet.

Q: Do I need to cycle D Spray?
A: We do not require that you cycle this product. However, DHEA has the potential for estrogenic effects when topically delivered as well as when taken orally. While we have had no reported adverse reactions, we recommend that anyone who may experience any estrogen sensitivity consult a physician before use. For use as a cycle we recommend four weeks on, four weeks off.

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