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Product Size: 16 fl oz (480ml)

Keto Force contains the endogenous ketone body beta-hydroxybutrate (BHB) in sodium and potassium salt form. Ingestion of Keto Force will raise the levels of blood ketones (BHB and AcAc) for 2.5-3.0 hours after ingestion. When taken within 15 minutes before exercise this product has been shown to decrease the amount of oxygen consumed at a given power output.

Suggested Use: It is suggested that this product be consumed during the initial stages of a ketogenic diet (three times a day for first 2-3 days) to accelerate ketosis and ease metabolic transition. It can be consumed once a day once ketosis has been achieved for help with ketosis maintenance. The product may also be consumed prior to high intensity aerobic exercise to enhance performance, especially for those on a low carb/ketogenic diet.

This product has an alkaline pH 10-11 so it is best mixed with an acidic beverage (i.e. diet lemonade, grapefruit juice, etc) prior to ingestion.

One bottle contains 480 mL or approximately sixteen 30cc servings. This product can be used up to three times per day.

Due to the sensitive and highly limited resources and products used in the Prototype line, for customer safety, we do not accept returns as returned items cannot be restocked. Please carefully consider this before your purchase.

Q: Are there any side effects of KetoForce use?
A: Initially, salts can cause some temporary GI upset until acclimated to use. Additionally, since this product contains sodium, all users should limit additional salt intake.


Q: Is this product artificially sweetened or flavored?
A: No. This product is unflavored and unsweetened.


Q: Is it okay to use KetoForce if I work out late in the evenings? Will it keep me up at night?
A: Yes. It is okay to use KetoForce later in the evening. It does not contain any stimulants.


Q: How is KetoForce different from KetoCaNa?
A: KetoForce is an unflavored, unsweetened liquid product. It contains sodium and potassium BHB salts. It does not taste all that pleasant on its own and is recommended to be mixed with 4-8 ounces of an acidic beverage.


Q: How should I take this product if I am in ketosis?
A: If you are already in ketosis we recommend taking 30cc 30-45 minutes prior to working out. It stays in your system and will provide your body with elevated ketone levels for up to 3 hours. When taken as a pre-workout, it has been shown to decrease the amount of oxygen consumed at a given power output.


Q: How should I take this product if I am trying to get into ketosis?
A: If you are transitioning into a state of ketosis then there is a loading phase. It is recommended that you take three 30cc servings per day for two to three days. One of these servings should be 30-45 minutes pre-workout.


Q: What is the shelf life of KetoForce?
A: This product’s shelf life is three years. Keeping this product refrigerated will maximize shelf life.


Q: Is KetoForce vegan and/or kosher?
A: Ketoforce is made from completely non-animal products only.


Q: Where can I find out more about Ketogenic macros and dieting?
A: Read more about macros using this Keto Calculator or check out this book for more information The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance

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Powerful Stuff* - Review by Reid
I got introduced to the Keto bandwagon by Keto//OS by Pruvit. No doubt a great product but I have to say Ketoforce is better. The energy and appetite suppression is about double of what I had on Keto//OS. I switched due to the horrendous flavor I endured for 4 months and it has been a great switch and experience so far. Not to mention its also cheaper.

Good Stuff! (Posted on 2/12/16)
The real deal* - Review by W
Yes, this product works. It does exactly what is says it does. The best I can compare it to is like a sugar rush/high, without the actual sugar and no crash afterwards. It tastes pretty salty and kind of bitter so the best way to take it is in the cap fulls as it goes down quicker. I am a repeat customer. Just wish the price was more affordable so I could buy more bottles! (Posted on 9/11/15)
"THE STRUGGLE IS OVER" !!!!!!* - Review by George
Its' hard to put into words after "4" attempts to be Keto Adapted . Patrick Arnold !! You got one hell of Product in KetoForce. I must say I was in the ball park but with following your protocol, I finally crossed over to the promise land . Full Ketosis !!! With my mg/dl sitting at
71 fasting, I am in total amazement !!! Do You Hear Me Patrick !! This is a new life for me and I am going to follow up with my progress, since I just started IF, 3 days a week for the 18hr fast. As your protocol suggested, I had no Keto Flu or down time !! Hunger pains were never a issue ! I must say that I did a pre-prep with a liver & kidney flush. Using my MCT dosage at 3 doses per day. Burning the ketones for fuel now has put my Energy Levels "Through The Roof." My Weight Training & Cardio Endurance. has never reached this height. The hell that I went through, trying and failing in 4 attempts are now just a memory !! Patrick ! I am in TOTAL AMAZEMENT OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN BRINGING A LIFE CHANGING PRODUCT (KETOFORCE) TO THE FITNESS & BODYBUILDING WORLD. I WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT KETOFORCE ! - PATRICK, THANKS FOR GIVING ME A NEW LIFE !! George Lang (Posted on 8/13/14)
I really cannot say enough about this supplement* - Review by Forum Poster
I put KF to the ultimate test - 11 miles of mud and obstacles at the Vermont Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder is grueling enough as it is, but the Vermont event is known as one of their toughest, due to the fact that you run up, down and all over the steep Mt Snow ski mountain. I've competed in this event a few times prior and always done well, but I'm not much of a distance person, so I always tend to fade toward the end and my legs tend to cramp on me... Not this time!! I have never felt more amazing during any sort of endurance event in my life! And I should mention, I didn't even really train for this years Mudder. It was actually the least prepared I had ever been for this event. However, I literally never felt tired for the entire 11 miles. The only times I had any muscles feel much of anything was the calf burn when running up the mountain, which would be unavoidable no matter what. But I never felt winded or tired at all. In fact, even 8, 9 miles in, I'd find myself with crazy bursts of energy while going up the mountain and I'd randomly bust into a sprint.

I also drank KF before climbing the shit out of one of the toughest and most dangerous routes in the north east last weekend when climbing Mt Washington. Same results. (Posted on 7/24/14)
Helped both of us a lot!* - Review by KetoForce Customer
We LOVE being in the ketogenic state and want all competitors to feel the benefits of it....this product has helped us tons! BOTH of us [have] had a hard time getting into a ketogenic state. NOW we know what this product can do! LOVE KetoForce!! (Posted on 4/16/14)
Helped with Ketogenic Diet Support* - Review by KetoForce Customer
As you might remember on last November I got in contact with you for ordering KetoForce, as I intended to support a ketogenic diet for my mom…The results, including CT scans and tumor associated markers have been extremely good, and as even the oncologists put it, frankly unexpected…The maintenance of ketosis is much more difficult, when pancreatic functions are completely missing (“brittle” diabetes and so on, therefore KF is more frequently needed, to jump-start ketosis back again every now and then. (Posted on 4/16/14)
In a nutshell and to the point, I freaking love this stuff!* - Review by Delariva
significant decrease in breath output during heavy exertion (increased VO2 max)
decreased sweating vs normal workout
moderate increase in physical energy
significant increase in mental energy/attention/focus
moderate improvement in mood
no problem at all with taste
easy to dose

basically NONE, but if I have to pick something I'd say...
mild decreased appetite (a good thing for a lot of people)
keeping it refrigerated (easy remedy with a little planning)

I will take it again tomorrow before a light 2 hour workout and then I will take it again on Saturday for a heavy workout. I'll be happy to report results from those workouts too if anyone cares. But suffice to say for me this is exactly what I've been looking for in a supplement to keep my BJJ game at top level. So far I'm VERY IMPRESSED...moreso than any other supplement in the last few years. (Posted on 4/16/14)
Just finished my first bottle* - Review by Sugarfoot
Just finished my first bottle, and I'm nearly a month into my keto diet.
- Great workouts and endurance, anyone who has done keto before knows this is a huge benefit especially early on
- helped with the transition to becoming fat adapted, cravings, headaches, moodiness etc seemed way down from past attempts
-Taste is pretty bad as most have stated
- Nearly every dose made me have to run into the bathroom 2 hours after dosing, but it was always only once per dose with no lasting effects and no stomach pain

Although I have no real way to prove it, I seemed to burn through more calories on days I used it. Overall I definitely recommend and has been the best diet aid supplement I have ever used for the simple reason that I have stuck to a ketogenic diet with no slip ups. Maybe its not a hard thing for some people but I usually succumb to the irritability and low energy within the first couple weeks. Its been fairly easy to do too. BW is down to 230 from 245. (Posted on 4/16/14)
Thank You and Love your products* - Review by KetoForce Customer
Thank You and Love your products...the KetoForce works wonders for my wife who has Hypothyroidism and is now on a Low Carb diet and helps with that Push to get over the hump on her 12 hr shifts.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. (Posted on 4/16/14)

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