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Product Size: 8.16 fl.oz. (240ml)

Resveratrol is a highly-acclaimed anti-aging compound, whose most well-known source is red wine. But before you go chug a bottle of merlot, spray on a bottle of Prototype Nutrition’s R Spray instead. Prototype Nutrition has captured all of the benefits of this compound by putting them in a topical spray. The topical spray is the most effective way to ensure your body absorbs optimal amounts. Resveratrol boasts some pretty amazing results from both human and animal studies including; increased metabolism, fat loss, increased endurance, improved mental function, cancer prevention, increased testosterone and increased glucose sensitivity. Experience the many benefits of Resveratrol with Prototype Nutrition’s R Spray.

Suggested Use: Dosing for all PN sprays are designed to be 50 sprays per dose. There are 7.2 grams of actives in the sprays, thus you are looking at approximately 249 mgs of active per 50 sprays. You can apply all at once or split between two applications. We recommend applying directly after a shower when the pores are most receptive, however this is not necessary. Apply 50 sprays over your torso, quads, inner bicep and the tops of hands and feet.

Due to the sensitive and highly limited resources and products used in the Prototype line, for customer safety, we do not accept returns as returned items cannot be restocked. Please carefully consider this before your purchase.

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Works great - Review by Patrick
I read another review on this site about possible bad reactions (i.e., rashes). I've used this product and have found it to work very well with no reactions, and I have very sensitive skin. These sprays are all fantastic, i regularly use R, Ur, 7 and occasionally D for autoimmune challenges and to support weightlifting and body recomp. My only gripe is with the relativey light-duty sprayer, but that's a problem that's solved buy purchasing "industrial" bottles online that have a more effective spray. I'm going to order a bunch more R now before it goes out of stock again. Great product, unique delivery mechanism, and I'm glad this is on the market. (Posted on 5/18/17)
Bad Reaction* - Review by Jerome
I would like to preface my review of R Spray by disclosing that I have had very positive experiences with Ur Spray, 7 Spray and 11 Spray without any negative effect. As for R Spray, I must be allergic to something in this product. Around 3 or 4 hours after applying I began to itch and notice redness on the areas of skin I applied it to. I eventually broke out with a horrible rash that took about a week to subside. So, for anyone out there who decides to try R Spray, don't rely on past usage of other sprays to determine how you will respond to R Spray, test a small area first to see how you respond. (Posted on 8/22/15)