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Product Size: 8.16 fl.oz. (240ml)

If you haven’t already heard about the physique enhancing benefits of this all natural dietary supplement newcomer, get ready to experience incredible body recompositioning, fat burning, muscle building and anti-catabolic effects.

No need for horse pills, horrible tasting drops or messy creams. Ur Spray is an easy-to-use topical spray that simultaneously cuts fat and increases lean muscle. The high-purity ursolic acid in Ur Spray is delivered in an ultra-soluble form, providing a higher absorption rate with sustained release, thus giving better results than nearly any other ursolic acid supplement on the market. *Patent Pending

Suggested Use: Dosing for all PN sprays are designed to be 50 sprays per dose. There are 7.2 grams of actives in the sprays, thus you are looking at approximately 249 mgs of active per 50 sprays. You can apply all at once or split between two applications. We recommend applying directly after a shower when the pores are most receptive, however this is not necessary. Apply 50 sprays over your torso, quads, inner bicep and the tops of hands and feet.

Due to the sensitive and highly limited resources and products used in the Prototype line, for customer safety, we do not accept returns as returned items cannot be restocked. Please carefully consider this before your purchase.

Q: What is the benefit of Ursolic Acid Spray?
A: Ur Spray simultaneously decreases fat while supporting increases in lean muscle mass, this is often especially noticeable around the midsection. See this product in action on this log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/202829-truthornothins-ur-spray.html

Q: Can I use Ur Spray for spot reduction around my midsection?
A: No. Ur Spray is not designed for spot reduction, or to reduce fat in one particular area. Rather, Ur Spray works systemically to induce fat loss over the whole body. However, if you often carry weight around your midsection you may experience noticeable results in this area rather quickly.

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Multiple Positive Results - Review by Craig
I had been taking the Ursolic Acid pills from e pharm in addition to the Pump spray and did see an increase in muscle mass with a much better looking physic within 2 weeks. I opted to try out just this spray with one scoop of Testforce2 daily and wow, I can say this is the best I have ever looked. I have been getting compliments on my skin tone and build. I am 5' 10" 156lbs I also ran in an ultra marathon recently while taking this supplement and did have a faster recovery time than previous months, excellent product. (Posted on 1/18/17)
Must have Ur* - Review by Adrian
I recommend Ur to everyone. As a body recomping agent there's little that comes close to this ON THE LONG TERM (which is key!). When I'm on Ur (I've ran out a couple times over the past 18 months) I'm able to eat more and stay lean or eat less and keep my muscle gains which for my ectomorph frame and highly active job is a challenge.
Overall, my scale weight has gone up 6-12lbs (fluctuating) since I've been using Ur and it's quite noticable ON THE LONG TERM.
One thing: I'd sincerely say that using twice per day (still ~50 sprays per dosage; I stopped counting, I just cover everything and rub into the skin post shower) it is twice as effective! So in my opinon, never go off Ur; when "bulking" double the dosage (into two seperate 50 spray endeavors) and have patience. The change over THE LONG TERM is quite impressive.
Lastly, zero side effects noticed; I prefer that this is non-hormonal. (Posted on 6/29/14)