11 KT Spray-Original Formula
11 KT Spray-Original Formula

11 KT Spray-Original Formula

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  • Creating hard strong muscle
  • Losing body fat (particularly around the gut)
  • Avoiding strong hormonal products with suppressive potential
  • Attaining a full pumped appearance
  • Increasing strength and stamina

11-KT spray contains 11-ketotestosterone in a liquid base. 11-ketotestosterone is a natural adrenal hormone produced in all mammals including humans. It is particularly abundant in many species of fish where it is actually serves as the primary male hormone. It has androgenic activity. 11-ketotetosterone also is a potent and selective inhibitor of the cortisol producing enzyme 11b-HSD1 reductase.

Directions for Use: Spray on clean, dry skin (after showering). One application per day is enough. Application areas can include: inside of arms and legs, chest and abdomen, tops of feet and behind ears. If local skin irritation occurs it may be due to the skin-drying effects of the alcohol base. If irritation occurs, try adding moisturizer some time after application. Avoid transfer of 11-spray to children.