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7 Spray

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Product Size: 8.16 fl.oz. (240ml)

7 Spray is a non-hormonal approach to fat loss and specifically cortisol control for that unruly midsection. 7 spray will not disrupt natural hormone production. The profound results that can be achieved with this product, coupled with its lack of side effects, make this an unparalleled physique-enhancing and overall health promoting product. There is no need to cycle 7 Spray. It can be used for any period of time and during any point in your diet and fitness regimen. Many choose 7 Spray for its anti-catabolic and leaning out effects during the post-cycle recovery period. Additionally, the other active ingredient, Beta AET also provides valuable immunity-boosting properties.

Suggested Use: Dosing for all PN sprays is designed to be 50 sprays per dose. There are 7.2 grams of actives in the sprays, thus you are looking at approximately 249 mgs of active per 50 sprays. You can apply all at once or split between two applications. We recommend applying directly after a shower when the pores are most receptive, however this is not necessary. Apply 50 sprays over your torso, quads, inner bicep and the tops of hands and feet. Each bottle should last approximately 30 days when used once daily.

Due to the sensitive and highly limited resources and products used in the Prototype line, for customer safety, we do not accept returns as returned items cannot be restocked. Please carefully consider this before your purchase.