11 Spray- New Formula
11 Spray- New Formula

11 Spray- New Formula

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NEW FORMULATION: 11 spray now contains a stronger 11b-HSD1 reductase called 1,4-androstadiene-3,11-dione-17b-ol (delta1-11-ketotestosterone) in a liquid base.

Delta1-11-ketotestosterone is a potent and selective inhibitor of the cortisol  producing enzyme 11b-HSD1 reductase. 

People that buy 11 Spray are interested in:

  • Losing body fat (particularly around the gut)
  • Avoiding strong hormonal products with suppressive potential
  • Attaining a full “pumped” appearance
  • Increasing strength and stamina

This spray should be dosed once daily at 50 sprays per dose. Spray over quads, torso, inner bicep and tops of hands and feet. Allow to dry before dressing or applying lotion. For best results use immediately after showering. When used once daily, one bottle will last approximately 30 days.