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Our new Flex Spray offers a unique topical pain relief system. Flex is powered by a topical analgesic blend that contains topical cbd and an invigorating menthol blend. Our quick-drying application allows the user to administer pain relief directly to the site of discomfort without messy creams or product waste. Trials have shown decreases in chronic pain with regular use.

Use: Apply this product daily at a minimum of 8 sprays per area affected, for at least 10 days in any area that experiences joint pain or muscle soreness. Keep away from eyes and mouth. Keep away from children. Do not digest. For advanced relief, use twice daily.

Note: This product, like many joint and pain topicals, may have a strong odor immediately but quickly dissipates.


Tester reviews: 

"How quickly it dried was fantastic...easy spray bottle that allows for one-handed application. No getting unnecessary product all over the bathroom or counter."

"It is now day 13 (using Flex Spray) and I was able to do a full body weight squat this morning, which I have not been able to do in about two months."

"I started with one application a day in the morning and noticed a difference. By day 3 I decided to double up and noticed vastly better overall feeling and use of my knees. Long work shifts in the past had me coming home and icing the knee, but with double applications I saw no need for ice. For days to day use and chronic knee inflammation, it's a noticeable difference."

"I felt like I got pain relief from the spray. The effect seemed to be cumulative in that I felt the relief longer after more days of consecutive use."

" Very easy and convenient. The more I use it, the more it helps."