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Pump Spray is a topical vascularity and body re-compositioning product, designed to promote ripped, fuller and more vascular looking muscles. Using ingredients known to produce vasodilation as well as neovascularization - growth of new blood vessels - the results are the appearance of larger veins as well as the promotion of increased capillary density to feed growing tissue. The ingredients in Pump Spray also are effective in reducing body fat and promoting glucose uptake, so the overall effect on physique appearance is very impressive and notable.

Pump Spray contains two naturally derived non-hormonal ingredients - arginine ursolic acetate, and triacetyladenosine. These ingredients are delivered using a topical cosmetic formulation and will produce noticeable changes to the physique - often within two weeks.

Expected results include:
  • Increased muscle volume and vascularity
  • Increased muscle definition
  • Dual action vasodilation
  • Starts working immediately
  • Cumulative benefits with each usage
  • All natural - non hormonal