TAA Phosphate
TAA Phosphate

TAA Phosphate

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  • Water Soluble  -- Easily mixes into drinks and beverages
  • Unflavored
  • Easier to digest than typical TAA formulations

Adenosine is a vital molecule that plays a wide variety of roles throughout the human body. Adenosine’s starring role has been as a component of ATP, which is what keeps your body and brains working, but it contributes to so much more! Adenosine signals blood flow to muscles, increases glucose uptake without the presence of insulin and opens capillaries that feed muscle, allowing them to stay supplied with nutrients, oxygen and helping rid the body of metabolic waste.

Adenosine seemed like the answer to the long time desire to have a more ripped and pumped physique until its major flaw was discovered, having a half-life of only ten seconds made reaping the benefits of adenosine almost impossible, until now! Here at Prototype Nutrition, we have developed an ester that dramatically increases the lifetime of adenosine so that the influence of adenosine can be optimized on both skeletal muscle and capillary vasodilation- “the pump.” We found that this form, Triacetyladenosine, or TAA, can even promote the formation of new capillaries, helping the body deliver nutrients and oxygen even more efficiently and effectively over time.

TAA and TAA Phosphate are different formulations. This triacetate form, offered by PN as a phosphate salt, substantially enhances the solubility and stability of adenosine, and increases uptake.